Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Hundreds of thousands of people use our service to communicate every month.

Information that you provide to is considered private. It is disclosed to anyone other than those listed in the a privacy statement below.

It is important to note, however, that all email is able to be forwarded on by recipients very easily. It is also susceptible to various technological attacks that can allow others, such as governments, telcos and hackers, to snoop on your messages. This is not specific to this service, but is important to note. Therefore, for highly sensitive communications, please consider other options.

Reporting Issues

Please contact us via if you have any concerns.

Your Role

As a member of an online community, you have a responsibility for maintaining the standards of that community.

Do not disclose private information. will quickly remove your ability to use its service if it deems that you have breached the privacy of others.

Do not use this service to store information about others without permission. For example, if you have a list of email addresses that you are using to create a new group at, people on that list should know that you have collected their information.

Site administrators have special duty to maintain the privacy of the members of their groups. Site administrators have access to email addresses and other personally identifiable information.

Our Role

Our primary role is to maintain operational staility of the service. We commit to keeping our systems up-to-date and maintain strong security practices.

We maintain HTTPS valid certificates for this site. The connection between your Internet browser and is private and secured via HTTPS. All traffic is encrypted. This makes it very unlikely that anyone else has read or tampered with any of the information. has access to the messages and files that its members share. We may, from time to time, inspect those messages to maintain the operational stability of the system.

We work with site administrators to foster their online communities. This sometimes requires inspecting messages that others have shared, including within private groups.

While we strive to maintain private and secure communications, as so much depends on the recipients of messages and other factors outside of our control, we do not offer any guarantees. accepts no liability for breaches of privacy. Privacy Statement

Here we describe what information collects about you and why. This section also describes how that information is stored and when it might be shared with others. Staff Have Access staff, including employees, contractors and advisers, have access to content shared on via the service. Content will only be retrieved to maintain the operational stability of the site.

Your Profile

Your profile is consists of your name, your registered email addresses, and other information that you can provided such as a photo. This information is provided on an opt-in basis and can be altered at any time.

The profile page is accessible to members of the groups that you join. Your profile is available more widely if the group is public.

Your name and email addresses will be used as contact information by site administrators that are part of

When you send messages to the group, we send your name, email address and photo along with it to other members.

When you post to a group that is visible to the public, the your details will be visible to all visitors to the group. Your email address remains hidden from anonymous visitors.

Your Credit Card and other Payment Information

We do not store our customers’ credit card data. Our payment gateway is provided by Payment Express, a payments provider with customers in the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia and further afield.

Files and Messages

Files and messages that you post to are stored indefinitely so other group members can see what has been discussed in the future.

All content that you post to your groups is visible to current and future members of the group and the site administrators.

Members who join in the future will be able to view messages made in the past. Visitors to public groups may also view content provided in the past.

Operational Activity Records

Many components of record activities that are occur. We use these records to diagnose errors and to help resolve other operational issues.

We use your browser's "cookie" functionality to enable you to log in and view your own messages in a secure manner. Cookies are also used to track your usage of, to see where our users get stuck. We want to make sure that everything that we offer is easy to find.

Non-personally identifiable information about the usage of is provided to third parties, such as Google via its Google Analytics product.

Storage of information

All content sent via is stored by us indefinitely and backed up in multiple places.

Content that you send to a group cannot be deleted from receipients' computers. is only able to control content that it hosts.

Disclosure of information

Your information will be not be disclosed to anyone else other than when we are required by law. If we receive a lawful request for information to be disclosed under statutory authority, we comply fully.

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